LA LIGA In september Atletico`s new jewell will open its gates


LA LIGA In september Atletico`s new jewell will open its gates

Atletico`s administration and the world may not see his team in the Champions League final 2017, but he does not mind too. This is because in September, in a few months, the team will enter its new stadium "Wanda Metropolitano" which is just 16 km from the "Calderon".

Madrid Reds have already begin and dream of new magical nights. Besides, the new 67.000 piece ornament that Atlético will move is guaranteed to be worthy of the history and size of the club. And the successes will come again. Atlético moves from "Vicente Calderon" to a new pitch. However, to be exact, we will move to a stadium that already existed!. However, with its rebuilding 22,000 spectators will now have 67,000.

This is a big investments by the administration of the Madrid Club, which will cost 270 million euros. Amount received by Atletico from the City of the Spanish Capital by granting the "Vicente Calderon" to the agreement signed in 2009. It was originally decided to be used as an Olympic Stadium if Madrid took over the organization of the Olympic Games and the work had begin 1992. But that did not happen and of course the projects were stopped. In 2009, however, the golden section was found through the concession to the Municipality and the construction of a purely football field was put back into operation. Of course, several variations were made to the original plan.

The new Atletico Stadium has a capacity of 67,000 seats. It has three diagrams and there will be 94 VIP vistas. The German company "Schlaich Bergermann Partner" which has several corresponding constructions, has taken over the construction of the roof to be closed. Such as Maracana, Johannesburg Soccer City, Berlin Olympic Stadium, Bayer Leverkusen and Bayer Leverkusen National Stadiums and The National Stadiums of Bucharest and Warsaw. Will also have 4,500 parking spaces of which 900 will be on the ground floor of the stadium.

"La Peineta" as it is said to be expected to be ready in September and will be the first stage in the world with LED technology. Phillips has undertaken the implementation of the new technology. The new stadium is eagerly awaited by the Madrilen fans, and of course the administration. It will be a huge investment that will give the club a financial impetus in its effort to develop and repay the debts of the past. Indeed, everything shows that the 2019 Champions League final will be held at "La Peineta".

The "Calderon".

As for the "Calderon" it will turn into apartments and a park, while the new stadium is 16 kilometers away. UEFA Prsented video showing the great progress of the projects that little to be ready. It will be the new "fortress" of the rifle in an attempt to drive higher in their team.

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Journalist- Analyst of International Football and Affairs   

AIPS Football Member Commission, Member of IFFHS  

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Special correspondent France Football, A Bola, Mundo Deportivo  

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