CALCIO The Chinese promise to re-force Milan strong force


CALCIO The Chinese promise to re-force Milan strong force

Milan`s new bosses have high ambitions. They aim to make the Italian team a great and powerful force in Europe. After several delays, the acquisition of formerly European champion by the Chinese was finally completed. He was eventually given over to 31 years of Silvio Berlusconi`s omnipotence. Now new horizons open for AC Milan.

The new investors do not forget that during the Berlusconi team they have won many trophies inside and outside the border. Eight times he was the Italian champion, while another 5 times took the UEFA Champions League. Overall, Milan has taken 7 Champions League...In recent years; however, she has lost a lot of her glamour and are now aiming to do the best to bring her back on the road to great success. It`s all too easy. Milan has been participating in the Champions League since the 2013-2014 season which means that it has been out of wedlock for 4 years.

Milan`s new Executive Director, who previously worked in Juventus and Inter MIlan, Marco Fassone, speaking in his first substantially official interview said: "We are AC Milan, we cannot go late and let`s see what is going on. The idea is to go back to the Champions League as soon as possible, the goal being to reach this season 2018-2019...UEFA gave us a small advantage with her decision that from 2018 Italy will have four teams in the UEFA Champions League, so since then I`m sure that AC Milan will be there".

For the time being and for the new season, the top three will be those who will compete in the Champions League.

Montella remain.

At present, new investors have started and are preparing their plans. The first concern and meeting with Berlusconi, was to show that they want to retain Vincenzo Montella, in the technical leadership. One hundred percent is not certain, but a 60-70 percentage seems to have been won by the Italian coach, who also has the sympathy of several footballers.

Beyond that they aim to create a mix of stars and new talented footballers such as teenage goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma. The goalkeeper who is expected to succeed Buffon, under the beams of national Italy. So the Chinese owners of Milan intend to call him soon to offer him an extension of their cooperation with a much better contract.

Donnarumma is supposed to be one of the pillars of the new big Milan and already everyone knows that several teams inside and outside Italy have expressed their interest openly. So this issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible. "The goal of the coming years is to create a side of Milan, which is very competitive and very ambitions...we believe we can get to it in a short time" said new CEO Marco Fassone at a press conference friday.

Currently, only the top three in the Serie A qualify for the leading competition of European clubs. And they are willing to bring experienced players to help Milan`s talented young people get the team back to the top.

"We would like to have one or two really great players in the club" said Fassone. "Between and say what to do always must be the willingness of clubs and players, but we would like to go in that direction".

The new president of AC Milan

Chinese businessman Yonghong Li is the new president of AC Milan. He even spoke for the first time since Sport Luxembourg completed the club`s purchase for 740 million euros.

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