PREMIER LEAGUE Severe reflection in the EPL teams for Brexit. They fear a collapse of their clubs


PREMIER LEAGUE Severe reflection in the EPL teams for Brexit. They fear a collapse of their clubs

There is concern in the ranks of the Premier League with the upcoming Brexit, who wants to complete the British government. Almost all the presidents of the clubs of the top class believe that the final withdrawal of their country by the European Union will create huge problems in their groups. They fear that this will have a big impact at the entrance of the  Community of players , and now will be considered as foreign. Which would create a big problem in their clubs.   

The prime minister of Britain, Teresa Mey already announced that the output process of the country by the European Union activated Wednesday, March 30 with final completion of the project on 29 March 2019. 

Although the UK has not joined the euro zone, with the consequence that there has been a changeover, the impact of Brexit on the value of the pound has started to be felt. Everybody recognize that immediately after the referendum, the pound has experienced noticeable first, especially against the euro. Indeed, if this trend continues, then all admit that the prices of the players in the Premier League may fall suddenly. So there will be an opportunity for teams from other leagues, to move directly to obtain them, so will be strengthened significantly against the English. While on the other, due to the unfavorable exchange rate, the clubs of England will now find it difficult to buy great players. And of course one must admit that the Premier League without them would not be the same and of course will fall and prices offered today on TV channels around the world to buy the rights to broadcast the games.

This time you look in the Premier League will find that 65 % players are foreigners.

So it makes sense to examine several cases of Premier League players about how the "game" can be saved. A they all recognize that if you leave the Community will be weakened by far the Premier League this time in the world, generating too much revenue to British coffers.

The pionner Chelsea, for example based on the highest percentage of the players, foreign (Community or not) amounting to 74 % one can understand what happens with Brexit. The Russian owner, Roman Abramovich, does not want to think. It will not be easy after all to keep them on the team. Most will want to continue elsewhere their careers, while none of the other side of the Channel will no longer do as crazy to play in the Premier League. The same of course applies to almost all the major groups and the rest, as though they support many foreign...

Possible cases considered are there:

1- The identification of European players with them outside the community. Of course to complete in the Premier League, they should only acquire a work permit, having fought at least 30 % of their national team matches, the last 2 years. It should be noted that the required rate depends on the classification of each country in the rating of FIFA. For example, if the country is between positions 11-20 will be 45 %. If the positions 21-30 then rises to 60 %.

2- Reach Decree based on specific rules with regard to their athletic performance.

3- Reach request the British Goverment to the European Union to keep everything as they are now...

The ranking of clubs in relation to the players share of EU countries is:

1- Chelsea 74 %

2- Man City 59 %

3- West Ham 57 %

4- Arsenal 54 %

5- Middlesbrough 53 %

6- Man United 51 %

7- Liverpool 50 %

8- Watford 50 %

9- Tottenham Hotspur 49 %

10- Swansea 47 %

11- Sunderland 40 %

12- Southampton 36 %

13- Leicester 33 %

14- Stoke City 29 %

15- Everton 25 %

16- Crystal Palace 24 %

17- WBA 21 %

18- Bournemouth 10 %

19- Burnley 5 %

20- Hull City 5 %

For. Manos Staramopoulos 

Journalist- Analyst of International Football and Affairs 

AIPS Football Member Commission, Member of IFFHS 

Editor English 

Special correspondent France Football, A Bola, Mundo Deportivo 

In Athens (Greece) 


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