AFRICAN FOOTBALL The great victory of Ahmad and football


AFRICAN FOOTBALL The great victory of Ahmad and football

Change token after 29 years as president of the African Football Confederation (corresponding UEFA). The 57 year old footballer, coach and after an interval of Health and Fisheries Ministry, now headed the Malagasy federation Ahmad Ahmad ended the presidency of Cameroonian, Issa Hayatou. In elections held in the Ethiopian capital Addis Abeba,  Ahmad overcame his opponent. He got 34 votes against 20 of the opponent , while abstained Eritrea because it is punished. 

Ahmad is not man of words but of works. He announced his candidacy on January 13 in Libreville  city. Since then he had made a series of contacts with personal travel and had spoken with almost all their counterparts in the African national federations. All of them or most saw in him a new man with new ideas who wants to make a big change in football of the Black Continent and not let politicians to make their own games. The aim to develop more football in Africa. To construct new stadiums. Giving greater financial wherewithal to come closer to the popular sport young children.

And managed to override the longest president of CAF, Issa Hayatou of which was in the chair for 29 years. Definitely a big role in the final victory played the "odor" of various scandals that have emerged around the sale of television rights in the whole of Africa "Lagardere " company, and while there was also another who had offered a lot more. This issue came to the Egyptian Competition Authority where the special investigator found a host of violations and referred him to trial along with the secretary, on March 13, but due to the elections and they both did not provide this. They had gone to Ethiopia. Hayatou 70 years now had the support of several factors and policies that do not like change, but rather the most wanted in the African federations. 

Victory for Africa

Excited by the new president of CAF, Ahmed Ahmed shortly after the victory said: "With great emotion I wish to thank everyone who believed in this change. Thanks to you who ever found yourself at my side, we did. This victory is ours. It is a victory for Africa".

The first job of Ahmad Ahmad, as stated, is to introduce a new code of ethics, and will extend their ethical checks on the African football officials. He will also distribute the burden of the financial analysis in all federations presidents (54) to have and they share in the decisions to be taken. That will create a new body to be called "Special Corps of Presidents". It meets twice a year and will dictate the various rules for the general operation (Revenues expenses) of CAF. 

For big  competitions  will be hosted in each country in Africa, will review several of the regulations and improved already. Also, the choice for the host countries for all future events will not be made by the Executive Committee, but the majority will vote in Congress. 

Ahmad was accused that he had given his vote in favor of Qatar for something 30 or 100,000 dollars that never proved. In elections held in Addis Abeba in This gave the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino and the general secretary, Fatma Samoura.   Mr. Infantino did not want to comment after the close of business information but want him to have seen in a very positive way the prevalence of Ahmad as president of the African Confederation. He might like this and win ...

The former presidents of CAF: 

Abdel Aziz Abdallah Salem (1957-1958) 

Abdel Aziz Moustafa (1958-1968) 

Abdel Halim Mohammed (1968-1972) 

Yidnekatchew Tessema (1972-1987) 

Abdel Halim Mohammed (1987-1988) 

Issa Hayatou (1988-present) 

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