AFRICAN FOOTBALL 1.2 million dollars raise suspicions on the integrity of the elections of the CAF


AFRICAN FOOTBALL  1.2 million dollars raise suspicions on the integrity of the elections of the CAF

A bank account was opened by the African Football Confederation in Addis-Ababa to cover the expenses of the African Confederation Congress that will meet in the Ethiopian Capital Yomi in March 15th and 16th. These meetings will hold the presidential and executive office membership elections.

Within the beginning of March, an amount of 3,8 million was put by the CAF in its new account which is the total budget that`s been deposited for this event.

However, the big surprise in this matter was that an amount of 1,2 million dollars has been given to Lagardere the sponsor of the event which is considered to be strange since the usual thing in these situations is that the sponsor spends not collects.

Especially that this big amount has been explained in the terms of the budget as the value of printing the official book that will be distributed by the CAF to the delegations of the National Confederations during the Congress in addition to some other brochures which haven`t been exactly defined.

The only explanation given by some of the associates of the administration of the CAF regarding this odd situation was that the CAF have taken into consideration turning to this amount of money for some various expenses during the meetings in times of need.

However other observers who are supporters of the integrity and transparency of the electoral process see that this large amount of money could be a negative factor that will affect the reputation of the elections and could make is not really going to the benefit of Lagardere but in fact it`s dedicated to the purchase of electoral votes which lead them to call out for the election monitoring organizations to defend the transparency of the procedures one above all is Ahmed Ahmed Hayato No 1 rival.

For. Manos Staramopoulos   

Journalist- Analyst of International Football and Affairs  

AIPS Football Member Commission, Member of IFFHS  

Editor English  

Special correspondent France Football, A Bola, Mundo Deportivo  

In Athens (Greece)  


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