AFRICAN FOOTBALL The Chapters of the monopolization for the TV rights of the African Union continues


AFRICAN FOOTBALL The Chapters of the monopolization for the TV rights of the African Union continues

The FIFA `s Audit Committee referred a complaint and submitted documents against Issa Hayatou, the President of the African Football Confederation and Hicham Al Omrani, the General Secretary, to the ethics investigations room ​​at the FIFA. And that was done to look into the request of disposing their names from the candidates list for the next election in 16 of March, for the CAF`s membership and Presidency of the Executive Council of the losing the eligibility conditions for the election.  

As a result of what they done from irregularities and that has been the subject of administrative decisions and they are currently subject of his investigations in front of the Egyptian public prosecution related to criminal charges and being the accused in a criminal issue and a they have to be present on the 13th of March in the Court of misdemeanors.

The file contained the facts of violation of laws and the granting of monopoly contracts from the CAF for Lagardère company, without bidding unannounced procedures and for very long time.  The file also included a decision from the Egyptian competition protection, the invalidity of the contract with Lagardère. The Egyptian competition protection also requested from the Egyptian prosecutor to refer Hayatou and Al Omrani to the criminal trial. As well as the Attorney General decision to refer them to the Court of Criminal misdemeanors and to determine a session on 13th of March to accuse both in front of the court. 

The documents submitted portfolio, which contained more than 61 pages of documents related to CAF is contract with Lagardère. In addition, refuted with details of the CAF current contracts and the former contracts with Lagardère company. Where he revealed earlier too adequately with "Sport Five" company, which turned later to Lagardère and then their contract ended in 2016. Besides to the last contract, which expires in 2028 and was the direct cause in opening this issue.

The Documents have shown that the CAF `s extended contracts with only one company, without allowing the entry of any other competitors, or adopting transparent procedures bids, which amounted to nearly thirty years of control of the rights of African national unions ..

The big surprise is that the contracts contained a proof of the existence of transactions (rights resale) by Lagardèreand that was before signing the contract with CAF and getting these rights. 

The complaint also showed the number and the value of other offers, which were higher offers than Lagardère but the CAF management blocked and hidden them from the Executive Council in favor of the contract of Lagardère. The complaint also showed, that Lagardère " defrauded "Presentation Sports" company, through calling the company alone in 2017 to enter into a fake bidding for the rights, which had been sold already in the years 2014 and 2016.

For. Manos Staramopoulos   
Journalist- Analyst of International Football and Affairs   
AIPS Football Member Commission, Member of IFFHS 
Editor English 
Special correspondent France Football, A Bola, Mundo Deportivo 
In Athens (Greece) 

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